Clash Royale Hack Online Cheats | Generate Free Gold and Gems

By | July 30, 2016

Clash Royale Hacks & Cheats

For those of you who don’t know, Clash Royale is free mobile game developed by the company Supercell. It is downloadable via the Google Play store for Androids or the Apple store for apple devices. It is a strategy game and combines many gaming types such as card games and tower defense into one game. It is a very competitive game and has become very popular all over the world now. Here are some cheats and hacks you can do for Clash Royale if you are finding yourself low on gems and gold.

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Common Units

Go and check the shop on a regular basis. The shop refreshes with new cards every 13 hours and this is a place you can go and purchase units and level them up. Just because a unit is common, doesn’t mean that it is a really bad unit. Common units cost less gold. Focus on getting some high level common units that are very versatile when you are first starting out. You can level up your common units much faster than rare units.

TV Royale

Pay attention to the TV Royale and look at the units that are currently being used. If a unit is being used a lot, that means they are really good cards. People seem to be putting them in there top decks. You can also watch replays of these cards and then see how other people use these cards in their battles, which can help you with your own battles. You get to see other people’s strategies in the game.

Spend your gold wisely

  • Upgrade mostly common cards since they are cheaper.
  • Gold is typically hard to come by, so be careful how you spend it. You only get a certain amount every single day.
  • Only level up units you plan on using in your main battle deck.

Use your elixir wisely as well

  • Don’t overspend elixir
  • Don’t put a powerful troop at the beginning of a game
  • Use smaller units first to slowly bring down opponents health

I wish you good luck and wisdom in your Clash Royale matches! May the clash force be with you.